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    We assist your business succession across generations

Growing and preserving your family’s wealth sustainably for the future generations¬†

One of the vital challenges that every family with sizeable capital faces is balancing the wish to pass on wealth from generation to generation given the entrepreneurial growth ambitions of the current generation. With dozens of family office clients around the world, Rodschinson gets that balance right.

Realistic growth ambitions for the next generation

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Stay ahead with an access to a global ecosystem

Many wealthy families are increasingly mobile and international these days, and Rod Family Office operates in line with that global approach. Family members are often based in multiple countries and are often on the move. Our team of experts has years of experience developing wealth structures to cater to the needs of international and global families.

Preserve, protect and grow your family wealth.

At Rodchinson, our dedicated family office team understands as no other the importance of looking after hard-earned family fortunes, so we help dozens of clients around the world to create, structure and develop a family office, and to assess, support and improve current structures.

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Ambitious yet realistic investment strategy

Our global team of experts assist, support and guide many family offices in the transfer or management of their shared capital. Developing an investment strategy, with the level of risk that the family in question feels comfortable with, is something our specialists do best.

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If you are thinking of rolling out a family office investment, please do get in touch. Our team will be delighted to tell you more about the different stages in this investment cycle, and how to plan and coordinate any such project accordingly. Based on dozens of practical examples and client cases, we can demonstrate our vast market experience and expertise.

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