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Wealthy families establish their own office or hire a dedicated one to manage the many weighty responsibilities that convey wealth accumulation. Our team at ROD Family office has specifically designed a set of services to address every need of family offices and high net worth families. 

Shielding and nurturing family wealth

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Establishing the legal structure of family offices will result in new responsibilities & roles that are subject to regulation requirements. ROD Family office’s highly potent team of advisors have garnered significant experience in ensuring the right structures are in place to comply with relevant legislations and regulatory requirements.

Investment Governance

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Ranged systematically to your needs and objectives, we make full use of diversification opportunities by forming a list of targets thanks to our vast network and extending, when appropriate, into non-traditional and illiquid assets.

At ROD Family Offices, our analytical approach and insights from a network of specialists ensure that our clients are updated with the latest developments and are armed to make data-driven decisions to actively manage and architect their portfolio.

Target analysis

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Drawing a value of any target investment can be particularly complex, as they differ according to the nature of the investment. ROD Family Office’s analysts provide an independent review of complex financial instruments by covering the applicable valuation procedure along with scrutinizing the existing model used.

Family Governance Services

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Working alongside with ROD M&A and ROD PE, ROD Family Offices have unlocked a level of expertise like no other in providing our clients with a holistic, best-in-class service package that includes but isn’t limited to buy-sell side advisory, due diligence of the business and its services, valuation services and various financing options.

Legacy Planning & Trusteeship Services

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This complexity of the legal, fiscal, and financial environment of setting up a trust has led to the development of ROD Family Office’s “bespoke” operations. Our team of dedicated advisors shoulder responsibilities such as trustee fiduciary and compliance services, cost analysis and negotiation of trustee fees & estate administration, as well as custody services to name a few. Our clients can benefit from privacy, continuity, and professional management where we help our clients truly express their wishes through trust, reassuring them their family’s needs will be taken care of.

Tactical Philanthropic Planning

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Many families believe that every individual has a responsibility to their family as well as the community at large. Since giving is varied for everyone, we provide the thought direction and advisory competencies to structure meaningful resolutions that inhabit and empower all family members in giving back. We provide administration, policy development, and education and assistance on numerous approaches to achieve a desirable philanthropic plan.

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