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After significant private wealth is generated, doors are open to endless opportunities for individuals and their families. One of the vital challenges that every family with sizable capital faces is balancing the wish to pass on wealth from generation to generation with the entrepreneurial growth ambitions of the current generation. With dozens of family office clients around the world, Rodschinson gets that balance right.


Rodschinson takes a multi-disciplinary approach to any new or existing family office. We strongly believe that an open, global and diverse treatment of hard-earned family capital leads to the best results. Our experts help to solve the office’s most complex private wealth challenges. Together we work with families to roll out well-thought-through strategies that carry the support and understanding of the families surplus we serve.

A global ecosystem

Many wealthy families are increasingly mobile and international these days, and Rodschinson operates in line with that global approach. Family members are often based in multiple countries and are often on the move. Our team of experts has years of experience developing wealth structures to cater to the needs of international and global families. At the same time, we have selected experts with a detailed knowledge of habits, customs, and local needs.

Office transformation

Many of the family offices that Rodschinson serves are decades old, having passed wealth from generation to generation. Many of our clients turn to us when they feel the time is right to improve, alter or innovate the structure of their family firm. Our team of experts understands and respect family traditions, yet they dare to think outside conventional thought processes and come up with efficient, innovative and ground-breaking solutions, tailored to individual needs. We look at governance and operational structures, alignment of interests between asset owners and we formulate and review the design and setup of family offices.

A family’s vision and values

In order to serve family offices to the best of our ability, Rodschinson goes the extra mile when it comes to understanding and implementing a family’s vision and values. Crucial elements to the family members should shine through in the office’s investment strategy and key decisions. Our team will always keep a family’s standards as a key pillar to anything they do. Family governance and next-generation education are some of the things Rod Family Office does best, as we work with our clients to develop family wealth structures that are aimed at long-term preservation and growth through acquisition and investment.

Investment strategy

At the heart of our services sits a family office investment strategy. through a vision in place for where it wants to take its fortune, and who, and with who. This strategy is centred around three core principles: preservation of the assets in the long-run, meeting the income requirements of the current family and looking ahead at the objectives of the next generation. Through real estate and private equity investments, strategic business advice, debt and capital advisory services and managing businesses and assets we grow and expand a family’s fortune.


Many families give philanthropy a prominent place in their investment strategies. A strategic approach will help families to maximize the value and impact of their donations, gifts and charity projects. While working with family offices, we often take a proactive, entrepreneurial approach when it comes to philanthropy. For example, family offices can invest in a sustainability business or acquire a stake in a wind farm. Our team plans ahead and tries to merge strategic investment decisions with philanthropic causes.

Asset Management

A vital part of any mature investment strategy is a desire to increase assets within the family’s fortune. Rodschinson believes this is what drives any ambitious family office: the acquisition of suitable assets that can help the family to grow its wealth. Ranging from buying a minority company stakes to outright acquisitions or strategic investments, our team would be thrilled to look at the endless opportunities that the global market offers.

Counselling and planning

Our advisors will assist our clients with business succession ideas across generations and help manage their wealth and pass on the knowledge and experience to the next generation. Our services include counselling on the type of family office, supervising and estate planning, wealth advisory and administrative assistance from accounting, tax and legal support. What it comes down to is that our approach to assisting families with private office needs to draw on our existing expertise, experience and network to tailor solutions specifically designed for our individual clients.

Equity legacy

Our global team will help the current generation to preserve its wealth and plan together then pass on the equity legacy to the following generation, implementing key innovation points, forward-thinking models and long-term analysis of any investment decisions. In our experience, getting it right now can save a family a fortune later on.

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Since the family office space is one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within commercial real estate, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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